Hong Kong’s Today;

The World’s Tomorrow?

The Chinese Communist Party is tearing Hong Kong apart. If we fall, who will be the next?

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Despite Hong Kong’s promised self-governance, Beijing is de facto running the city. The Chinese Communist Party has long been infiltrating Hong Kong’s political and business sectors. This continually compromises Hongkongers’ autonomy, undermines our institutions and erodes our freedom.
All this time, the HKSAR government is nothing more than Beijing’s obedient puppet looking on.
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Using Hong Kong as a stepping stone, China is waving its claws at the free world to step up its oppression.
We, Hongkongers, are fighting not only for ourselves, but also for you and your country to safeguard the core values of the free world.
Photo credit: Jimmy Lam @ USP
Photo credit: Jimmy Lam @ USP
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Join us in our fight against authoritarianism.
We sincerely urge you to:
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Photo credit: isb.co
Please refer to below the specific actions that you may help in your country:

Freedom has no compromise
Canada, please stand with us in upholding the heritage of freedom and against the spread of authoritarianism.
For the upcoming federal election, elect candidates who will safeguard your sovereignty along with our autonomy so that your elected government will:
  1. Impose Magnitsky-style sanctions on those persons responsible for, or complicit in suppressing Hongkongers’ human rights and freedoms.
  2. Closely monitor any foreign intervention to Canadian democratic institutions and propose legislation which regulates organizations that receive funding from foreign governments and its agents.
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